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Ambulatory Care Rotation Topic Presentation

The formal presentation on Ambulatory Care is based on a topic (in internal medicine it is based on a case presentation). There are various ways to get your topic:
  • Observe daily practice of the Family Medicine Residents and identify a needed area of improvement (this is the best method)
  • Ask the residents what topics they would like (they will give you some very dull topics so be careful)
  • Pick a topic that you really would like to improve your knowledge in
  • Beg your preceptor for ideas (this is not the preferred method, but is sometimes necessaryh)
  • DO NOT rehash something you did for another rotation (it would not be maximum value for your educational dollar


Note: these are intentionally vague to force you to make your own educational decisions.
  • Length: generally around 40 minutes (plus or minus 10)
  • Is powerpoint required? Well....yes
  • Is a handout required? You decide if it would be beneficial and what format
  • When: generally in the last couple weeks of the rotation. You are responsible to make sure it gets scheduled. I am notoriously absent minded and you don't want to do it after the rotation is over.
  • Style: that is up to you

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