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Medical Mottos

I sometimes think the only thing students remember is in the form of a motto or a saying.
Here are a few of my favorites.

Drugs are poison, With occasionally beneficial side effects

This is my all time favorite motto

When in doubt... see a patient

Ace Inhibitors Save Lives

In heart failure

Beta Blockers Block Death

In heart failure

Nike rule (Just Do It!)

Diurectic dosing for acute treatment of CHF

Be a Sissy (Ideal dose is Zero)

Diurectic dosing for chronic treatment of CHF

Total Body Salt Rules Volume

Water Rules Tonicity (Serum Sodium)

You must divorce rate from force

Refers to distinguishing drug effects on the heart

The Evil Drug Norvasc

Simply are reminder amlodipine is not a first line drug.

Beta blockers are Valium for the heart

No cephalosporin kills enteroccus