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Journal Club

Journal club Grading Rubric

Journal Club Outline and Requirements

Journal Club Objectives: At the end of the 8 week rotation, the student will be able to:

  1. Determine if endpoints are clinically significant/relevant
  2. Describe statistical vs clinical significance
  3. Identify techniques used by authors to produce a desired study result.
  4. Effectively research relevant background information and outcome measures
  5. Define Intention to treat and per protocol evaluation and list the advantages and disadvantages.

  6. Define (in practical English) the following terms:
    • p value
    • 95% confidence interval
    • bias
    • relative risk
    • absolute risk
    • number needed to treat
    • percentage change
    • absolute change
  7. Define randomization and explain the benefits
  8. Explain the role of cohort/retrospective trials
  9. Evaluate inclusion and exclusion criteria
  10. Explain the concept of power (statistical power

    Article must address a pertinent clinical question.

    Handout required

    Article must be related to the rotation (an ambulatory topic)

    Article must be primary literature and relate to clinical outcomes.

    The presentation format should be roughly as follows:

    • Introduction / Objective
    • Patients / Exclusions
    • Methods
    • Major outcomes / statistics
    • Results
    • Author’s Conclusion