Heart Failure

Dr. John Jameson

Fall 2011


CHF prework objectives

1. Explain the pathophysiology of CHF, including the inciting events and the resultant compensatory mechanisms.

2. Explain the concepts of preload, afterload, and inotropic effect and the effects on the heart.

3. Given a patient clinical description, identify the New York Heart Association stage.

4. Common signs/symptoms of heart failure

5. List which medications are used to treat heart failure


Material to complete PRIOR to lecture:

This pre-work as been designed to build on the concepts and it is advised to complete in the following order:

1.    Heart Failure Pathophysiology- watch video and focus on the neurohormones involved in heart failure.

2.    Discussion on Preload and Afterload




CHF Prework Powerpoint



3.    Chapters 20 and 21 Systolic and Diastolic Heart Failure in Dipiro on Access Pharmacy read from the key concepts through diagnosis for both (diastolic is much shorter)


4.    Review and Define the following terms:



         Systolic heart failure



         S3 gallop

         Chenyne Stokes respirations


         Jugular Venous Distention



5.    Outline drug classes that are used to treat heart failure.