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Beta Blocker Pharmacology

John and Albert in Bali Albert and I had to go mountains in the center of the island of Bali for this one. Bali is one of many islands that make up the country of Indonesia.

Beta Blockers

To understand Beta Blocker Pharmacology

#1 Learn the Fight or Flight Response
#2 Think opposite

Remember, Fight or Flight is the body system designed as an emergency response to help you fight an enemy or run away. If this stress response is sustained over time, it becomes harmful.

The chief mediator of the fight or flight is epinephrine. Epinephrine is highly active at Beta One, Beta Two and Alpha One receptors
Need Response Beta Blocker Effect

Blood Flow

Beta One: Increased Heart Rate
Beta One: Increased Force of Contraction
Remember: Beta One The heart is #1

Decreased Heart Rate
Decreased Force of Contraction
Blood Flow Beta Two: Vasodilation
Vasoconstriction (yes, this is counterintuitive, but true)
Oxygenation Beta Two: Bronchodilation
Energy Glycogenolysis and Gluconeogenesis in the liver

poor response to low blood sugar and decreased symptoms
Glucose in the Muscles Insulin Secretion
Decreased insulin secretion (hyperglycemia)