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Dr. Jameson Welcome to John Jameson's faculty website. I love pharmacy practice in the ambulatory care setting. This website is designed to help pharmacy students love ambulatory care practice as well. An additional rotation resource is being developed at Some of the and should be of benefit to anyone doing an ambulatory care pharmacy rotation anywhere in this country (that would be the USA). Please enjoy. Send helpful comments to . Send viscious complaints to


Boring Details

Bulldog I am Professor of Pharmacy practice at Ferris State University. I have been faculty at Ferris for about 108 years. In those 108 years, I have accumulated a lot of resources for ambulatory care pharmacy practice. This website is designed to provide access to many of those resources and to assist in passing my rotation. Unfortunately, you will have to endure a bit of my odd sense of humor to get at them. Please explore the menu's to the right and on the top. I have tried to make the organization as logical as possible. If your logic and mine are different, try the search box. I have included some information related to my three biggest passions. Jesus Christ, my family and travel. You can get an "A" on my rotation without knowing anything about any of the three.

The Rotation Site

Bulldog PHPR 602 is a required ambulatory care rotation. My version of this rotation takes place in the setting of the Grand Rapids Family Practice Residency in the Wege Center at Saint Mary's Hospital, Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am adjunct faculty with the Residency (through MSU). Pharmacy students see patients , evaluate therapy and provide information to patients and residents in this setting.

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